What is Mesotherapy?

Superficial microinjections with nourishing vitamins, minerals, hyulauronic acid, collagen and anti-oxidants are inserted just below the skin to condition the scalp and stimulate and encourage the hair’s natural regeneration and proliferation process. Restore volume to thinning hair and promote hair regrowth.

Scalp Conditioning

Improve the quality of the skin if you have suffered from over exposure of the elements.


Developed specially for men who have overexposed their skin from being outdoors.

Hair Follicle Stimulation

Adding much needed nutrients direct to the hair follicle can kick start or speed up the growing phase of the hair.

MESO hands

Hands can tell your age. Treat them to a nourishing course!

Meso Facial

Skin feels firm, pore size is reduced, wrinkles are minimised. What's not to love?!

Meso Scars

Break down scar tissue and dramatically reduce the appearance.

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